Sadiq Khan just said he’ll cap the number of Ubers on roads if he becomes Mayor of London

You might have to get the nightbus

Politicians don’t like Uber much.

Boris Johnson has long been an enemy of Uber, and now the Labour mayoral candidate, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed that he will cap the number of Ubers on the London roads.

“I’m afraid the mistake was made a couple of years ago when TfL allowed Uber taxis to come on stream…” he told LBC radio station. “And let me tell you what I will do. I will make sure we have proper regulation around private hire vehicles. I want a cap on the number of private hire vehicles.”

It will ensure the votes of black cab drivers, though some urbane spendthrifts are likely outraged.

And Tory Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith isn’t pro-Uber either. In a speech last September he said there is “no question of banning Uber, but there is a need for more clarity in the regulatory system”.

In November he also promised to stand up for black cabs by helping them survive. He’s been relatively quiet on the issue since.

Perhaps it’s alright though – the unions have promised that the night Tube is coming.