There’s a company that’s promising to stop men from cheating on their stag do

It’s called Last Night of Freedom

We’re not in any doubt about stag dos are we? We know what they’re for and how to behave when we’re on them. Mindless debauchery, bovine stupidity, cheap lager, regrettable fancy dress. There are no grey areas when it comes to stag dos. That’s protocol.

Just consider the stag party which forced Ryanair Boeing 737-800, on a flight from Luton to Bratislava (of course it was Luton to Bratislava), to stop in Berlin. Consider the groom to be and his five mates being dragged off Ryanair Boeing 737-800 by pissed off and overworked German police because they were so aggressive and so drunk that the air crew couldn’t take it anymore. Consider the fact that one passenger said the men were so drunk they reportedly “struggled to walk” before they even bordered Ryanair Boeing 737-800. It’s claimed that one of the six men stripped completely naked in front of Ryanair Boeing 737-800’s 170 passengers.

If you've never boarded a plane like this have you even lived?

If you’ve never boarded a plane like this have you even lived?

And the best part, the absolute best part, comes from Alexander Koller, 46, from Margate, Kent, who told the Mail that the stags didn’t give a fuck about being kicked off the flight:

“This was potentially a very dangerous situation. The only saving grace was that these people were not only drunk and vulgar, but also so stupid that they thought they could simply carry on partying in Berlin for which reason they did not seem to mind being taken off the plane.”

There are no grey areas when it comes to stag dos. 

There are facts and stats and lists which back this up. According to No.1 Currency, an online currency exchange, stag do essentials are: a return flight, one night’s stay in a youth hostel, a pint of beer, a fry up, a Big Mac, entry to a nightclub, tickets to a football match, and a taxi ride. The only bit missing there is throwing up outside a strip club and sharing a photo of it on Facebook with half a dozen crying face emojis.

More: a recent survey by the unfortunately named stag company Last Night of Freedom found that men are twice as likely to cheat on their partner whilst on a stag do, than women on a hen do. A quarter of the men (the blokes) surveyed admitted that someone in their party had cheated on their other half while out getting waved.

Just let these idiots be idiots

Just let these idiots be idiots

But Last Night of Freedom’s managing director Matt Mavir argues that the time has come to remove the link between infidelity and going to Bratislava and drinking 87p pints because your mate’s found the girl of his dreams. He said:

“Whilst the concept behind stag dos as a final send-off from the single life is an incredibly fun part of our culture, stags need to safeguard against the temptations to cheat; it might seem like a laugh at the time, but the feeling of dread you’ll have when you wake up in the morning will not be worth it!”

I mean, the name Last Night of Freedom does – to an extent – undermine the sentiment. And it’s sort of hard to imagine stag dos without infidelity: like drone strikes without collateral damage, bacon sandwiches without brown sauce, Arsene Wenger without that stupid sleeping bag coat. But he reckons that if stags let his company take control, there’ll be less liberal shagging of the wrong people and more fun.

“By no means are we suggesting that you tone it down for your stag weekend” Matt says.  “If anything we encourage the opposite. By allowing us to take control of the organising and responsibility of your stag do, you can get on with the fun stuff. With so much experience under our belt and an in-depth understanding of the best activities and destinations available, I think it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing. Unfortunately stag and hen dos attract a stigma when it comes to issues such as cheating, and we work hard to make sure fun is had but that the wedding still goes ahead as planned…”

It’s a neat idea – though cheap pints are quite the adversary. But hey. As long as there’s still nudity on the Ryanair Boeing 737-800, and angry German police officers shaking their heads as they lead off pissed-up men in Mario and Luigi costumes off into the night, then the stag do will retain its essential personality.

Without the bit where the best man tells the new bride about what happened in definitely-not-Vegas at the wedding and she locks herself in her hotel room.