This scientific study will tell you who you’re most likely to marry according to your career

Lawyers like lawyers


If you didn’t think your boss had enough power and influence to be getting on with, it now transpires that your job could dictate the person you’re going to marry.

Research by Bloomberg Business on romantic pairings by profession shows that many people find each other through work – many professionals married other people within their profession. Bloomberg studied 3.5 million households and clarified common marital trends.

The most typical pairing is between two secondary school teachers. Women who earn a lot of money are attracted to those who earn a similar amount; women who earn less tend to marry those who earn more. Female CEOs have a type: other CEOs. High-ranking male bosses marry secretaries.

It’s not a revolutionary insight – people spend a lot of time at work, so it makes sense that you’d marry people you met in the industry. But it’s satisfying to think you were probably right about all those teachers you thought were copping off with each other (maybe).

These are some of the other insights.

PRs love managers

The data suggests PR girls marry managers, and male PRs have a thing for teachers.

Journalists marry other writers

Creatives love other creatives, and journalists get off with other journalists a lot. Writers are also seduced by power – other professions they like include chief executives and others in management positions.

Marketing and sales managers dig teachers

As a rule, managers like teachers. Female managers also fancy people who work in insurance; male managers were likely to choose nurses.

Lawyers like lawyers

A lot of lawyers marry within their own field. Female lawyers also get with guys who work in IT (rogue), while male judges opt overwhelmingly for teachers. They’re learned but want to know more.

Accountants like money people

They’re chiefly into other accountants, though also marry secretaries and managers.

Bankers are unusual

On the other hand, bankers never seem to marry bankers; perhaps they want to leave talk of long hours and fraught negotiations at the office. Instead, bankers favour finance managers (which sounds quite like banking) and those who work in sales.

Teacher + teacher = marriage

It’s the plot of every programme set in a school, ever – and the study found that teachers have eyes for few but each other. Their second favourite target are managers.

Recruitment workers go for people with very different careers

Male headhunters recruited nurses, secretaries and admin workers for marriage. Girls go for managers.

Doctors stick together

Medicine is another insular career – they find love while saving lives and wielding scalpels. GPs, surgeons and nurses are all one big happy family, in every sense.

Designers don’t marry other designers

Opposites attract: female designers are most likely to marry executives, chief executives and legislators. Male designers often marry teachers and secretaries.

IT workers branch out

People who work with computers aren’t into other nerds – they prefer accountants and secretaries.