The Rich Kids of London now have their own Instagram account

One of its stars listens to opera while tossing banknotes around his room

Rich Kids of Instagram was the start.

The account – which has 227,000 followers – catalogues the lives of wealthy children cavorting across the globe, snapping pictures of themselves at it, captioned with brazen, #sorrynotsorry hashtags. They’re astonishing. Certainly, it’s a captivating window onto the souls and social media strategies of the super-rich and entitled.

Now the UK has its own version in the form of Rich Kids of London (“lives of the untouchable luxury kids from London”), an Instagram account that collects versions stomping around the capital. There’s a Facebook account and a Snapchat too. The team accepts photos submitted from “the wealthiest kids from around London”. Presumably the Home Counties are also included. It has more than 32,000 followers.

These kids are so flashy and so lacking any modicum of self-awareness, that they are utterly fascinating. There’s the one who cleans his shoes with a fifty (“When a peasant touches your shoes”). There are bar receipts that extend far out of shot; there are baths of champagne. There are velvet slippers and Lamborghinis. There are shots of designer outlets in the capital’s expensive, manicured streets. There is one shot outside a Primark, captioned “the peasants lining up to go in primark”. Expensive schooling does not teach grammar.

And there is one absolute scallywag who shot a video of himself in his boarding school bedroom listening to opera, making it rain notes. He departs the frame on a hoverboard. Watch it here then Shazam that opera in order to do the same yourself.

Here are some of the best shots.

What will you use to clean your fifty with though?


Yeah looks q like my Renault Clio

Comes around quicker every year

The holy trinity

‘Crying face emoji’

Pretty minimal yeah

Yeah well my dog prefers to ride up front with the pilot

‘Fantastic pic’

Make sure you apply for a parking permit