July is the best month to have a birthday, says our poll

January came last

Birthdays are an emotive topic. Anyone who has ever thrown a tantrum on theirs will testify to this.

Unsurprising then, that more than 4000 of you responded in our poll about which is the best month to have a birthday.

July came top, with 12 per cent of the vote, followed in joint second place by October and June, on 11 per cent apiece.

January came last with 4 per cent of the vote, and February second last, on 7 per cent. November and December also sat near the bottom of the results – statistical evidence of the sad reality that no one’s interested in a birthday when the superior festival of Christmas is around the corner. Otherwise it was pretty close – five months hit a round 7 per cent of the vote.

Making the case for July, we wrote: “it’s the first proper month of summer (there’s always that one rogue freezing week in June), and this unlocks new possibilities: gardens, rooftops, swimming pools, paddling pools, whatever. When you were at school, it was the best month for a summer birthday: June babies couldn’t enjoy it as you were all still at school, and August babies had to deal with most of their guests being unable to attend because they were on holiday with their families. July is a very happy medium.”

See the full poll results below.

July 12%

June 11%

October 11%

September 9%

May 8%

April 8%

March 7%

August 7%

December 7%

November 7%

February 7%

January 4%

Figures are rounded to nearest whole numbers.