Checking Facebook all the time is damaging your sleep

Study finds it’s interfering with your shut eye

Obviously, checking Facebook on your phone equates to addiction. You can’t check it once a day, it’s more like a few times an hour – and you  usually do it subconsciously.

Unfortunately, it’s likely damaging your health – according to a new study from the University of California, opening Facebook, repeatedly, was linked with a chronic lack of sleep.

giphy (7)The researchers asked test subjects about their mood, their level of engagement in tasks and how difficult they found those tasks. They monitored their phones and computers using tracking software, and subjects had to fill out sleep surveys every morning.

“When you get less sleep, you’re more prone to distraction,” says Professor Gloria Mark. “If you’re being distracted, what do you do? You go to Facebook. It’s lightweight, it’s easy, and you’re tired.” It’s a repetitive self-perpetuating cycle.