The worst thing about turning 26 is a myth – you still get a railcard

Cheap trains are still an option

There is fear attached to your 26th birthday. You are edging towards your late 20s. You look at pictures of yourself in your youth, and you know you look worse now. And you must hand over your 16-25 railcard forever.

No more getting a third off train travel = youth is over. That’s true. But there is also a rumour that we will never have a railcard with those benefits again. That is bullshit. Just get a Network Railcard.

Memories. Let it go

Memories. Let it go

It still gives you a third off train journeys (just like a 16-25 railcard) and it costs £30, just like a 16-25 railcard, (though admittedly is only valid in London and southeast).

A ticket from London to Brighton at the weekend costs £6.95 with a Network Railcard. The same ticket on the same train costs £6.95 with a 16-25 railcard. Without any railcard at all it will cost £10.50.

And you could also spin another ploy: buy a three-year Young Person’s Railcard when you’re 24, and then you’re good until you’re 27. The worst thing about turning 26 no longer applies.

Here’s where the Network Railcard is valid:

Network Railcard map (FWT 4

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