Remember the art of pickup guy? He’s organised two all-male meetups in London

The gathering is for ‘heterosexual men only’

The so-called “pick up artist” who has previously said rape should be legalised on private property has organised two meetups in London this week. Roosh V (real name Daryush Valizadeh) has set up an international gathering of his followers on Saturday, and is saying girls, gay men and transgender people are not welcome. The author of the controversial self-help “Bang” series has set up meeting spots at Green Park station and outside Bank next the Royal Exchange. A statement on the website says:

“This meeting is for heterosexual men only. If a pretty girl shows up and begs to be a fly on the wall get her number and then tell her to buzz off. Do not allow women to attend the meeting. Is there is a danger I could get doxxed from a feminist? The risk is extremely small.”


Sounds like a challenge, but they seem confident all the guys won’t have any problems interfering with their “male bonding”. In the past Roosh V has met feminist protesters at his events and there’s even a petition to get all his books off Amazon. They include editions such as “Bang Iceland”, “Bang Poland” and “Don’t Bang Denmark”. The statement continues:

“I also think that men who are scared of feminist actions are underestimating their ability to respond firmly and without fear. Even if a feminist records your face and uploads it to Youtube, the “crime” of standing at a location in public is not enough to have a witch mob come after you that threatens your livelihood. Our views are becoming known enough that we can “come out” of the shadows and not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation. Up to now, the enemy has been able to exert their power by isolating us and attacking with shrieking mobs, but we’ll be able to neutralize that tactic by amassing in high numbers come February 6.”

Overall there are more than a hundred meetings scheduled in 45 different countries, with others happening in Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Newcastle. If you want to keep an eye out, the full list is here.