Extroverts are more likely to earn over £40,000 a year

Work all day, party all night

You’re talkative, enthusiastic and sometimes get labelled “a bit intense”: you’re an extrovert. So you’ll likely earn more money, according to a report by the Sutton Trust, which found that outgoing people are 25 per cent more likely to make more than £40,000 a year than their introverted peers. Carry on creating Facebook events, messaging people in the group chat and telling people a Friday night in is “social suicide” (though contemplate coining a new phrase): you’ve earned it.

Working with the BBC’s Big Personality, and the universities of Cambridge and Kent, the Sutton Trust asked more than 150,000 people about their personality type and income, and found that the more sociable people earned more. Outgoing people won’t be surprised to learn they are extremely self-disciplined, efficient and organised, all the qualities that top employers seek.

Other signs you’re definitely an extrovert (and therefore way more likely to be successful) include talking with your hands (loudly), finding alone time impossible, and banging on flatmates’ bedroom doors (“hiya! What you up to?”).

Total Jobs claims that if you’re an extrovert, you’re destined for a career in sales, or PR; it also recommends becoming a flight attendant. You will also do well as an entrepreneur, in finance or in media.


The study also found that your personality can depend on your social background. Analysing the BBC lab data, it showed that people from advantaged backgrounds were more likely to be outgoing, open, and more imaginative and intellectually curious than those from disadvantaged backgrounds. In terms of a gender gap, extroverted men are likely to earn more 10 per cent more than extroverted women, though this might have more to do with the national gender pay gap. Either way, seems it’s good to talk – that’s why they pay you the big bucks.