The best clubbers of 2016 so far

We watched you whip, we watched you nae nae

New year, new you – and we’re here to document the whole thing.

These are the best clubbers of 2016 so far…

Stunners of the week

Stunners of the week

Two of them are being held back from a fight

Most impressive drink holding

Best drink holding skills

Can he swing from a web though?

Nicest-smelling eye socket

Best smelling eye socket

Mmmmm… is that lavender?

Biggest roadman

Biggest roadman

Dress like a dickhead, that’s not me

Most nefarious criminal mastermind

Criminal mastermind of the week

Soon my evil plan will come together…

Most confusing photo

Dismembered foot of the week

Yes, that’s a foot

Scariest robbery

Hostage crisis of the week

Take the cask, just don’t hurt us

Least successful search

Least successful search

Have you seen my friend’s earring?

Worst first date

Most romantic first date

It said on the website it was classy, I swear

Best Hunter S Thompson tribute act

Best Hunter S Thomson tribute

Anyone seen my drugs?

Man most afraid of invisible bats

Most scared of invisible bats

Oh, there they are

Most rowdy clubbers

Sixth formers of the week

Lads will be lads

Least rowdy clubbers

Rowdiest clubbers

And boys will be boys

Biggest squad

Squad of the week

Nobody has this many friends

VK reps of the week

VK reps

Believe us, a cool VK is the perfect drink for you

Smirnoff Ice rep of the week

Smirnoff rep

Ignore those VK guys – you really want to be drinking a refreshing Smirnoff Ice

And a man who just wants to dance

And a man who just wants to dance

He’s being the best him he can be