Meet Hannah from Brighton, the best game show contestant of all time

She had no idea what was happening

You know what’s actually quite rare? History being made. History occurring in front of you. Sticking your head out of the window, taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and actually hearing the grass of History growing. On Tuesday this gal, Hannah from near Brighton, who studies French and Italian at Bath was on The Chase and she decided, unintentionally, to rewrite the history books. Meet Hannah from near Brighton:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.42.37

Now you’re wondering: How is Hannah from near Brighton going to make some history? She looks normal, pretty much like any other game show contestant, chummy, undemanding. That’s what Bradley thought as well. He launched straight into his pre-question banter and asked Hannah from near Brighton to say Hello Brad, it’s a pleasure being on The Chase in French, because she’s said she studies French and Italian at Bath. No problem thinks Bradley, no problem you think, eating your toast, drinking your tea. And that’s when the history starts.

“Errrrrrr, bonjours” says Hannah from near Brighton, giggling, “I can’t do the end of it.”

“What about Italian?” Bradley says, hoping she’s merely a little nervous – which would only be fair – what with this being Hannah from near Brighton’s first appearance on national television, with national television’s cameras and sun bright stage lights and hooting audiences.

“Ciao?” Hannah from near Brighton offers, giggling again. Bradley’s face did something I’ve never seen it do before. It did this and I don’t really think I can describe it so I guess you’ll just have to look at it:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.51.14

Oh my days, thinks Bradley

That’s what Bradley’s face does when it looks upon the beauty and terror of fresh history being made. Bear in mind Hannah from near Brighton hasn’t answered a question yet, bear in mind Hannah from Brighton has said about four words – but Bradley knows, you know – Hannah from near Brighton is going to be the worst game show contestant of all time. She’s the effortless GOAT. She’s an anti-masterpiece. The other contestants looked pleased to be there for history in the making:

All smiles

All smiles

And when she does answer the questions, well, there are a straightforward five passes and a straightforward four wrong answers. I’m not saying these are easy questions. I’m not saying you would’ve got them or that I would have waltzed up there and spat pure fire on these questions about Nancy Reagan and Bible quotes.

But there was one question, one little question that confirmed Hannah from near Brighton was getting her history loom out and weaving a new chapter for game shows everywhere on Tuesday.

“The Attenborosaurus” says a visibly shaken Bradley, a Bradley with new rings and wrinkles on his eyes and face, a Bradley with incipient PTSD, “was named in honour of which TV naturalist.”

Even Hannah from near Brighton can’t get this wrong. Surely not. Surely.

“Oh, atten, oh, pass.”

Hannah from near Brighton, at one level the worst game show contestant of all time, at another the best game show contestant of all time. Hannah from near Brighton, making history without really trying, while you sit on the sofa on a Tuesday afternoon. In the end she managed to contribute minus one thousand pounds to the prize pot, but thanks to her fellow contestants, Hannah from near Brighton still took home £2,666. We salute you.