Transition Snow festival proved winter is the best season for festivals

The Alps > Somerset

You’re on a come down in a sodden tent your mate Dave promised was waterproof, your friends have been missing for 17 hours and you’ve been kept up all night by a combination of the rock under your arse and the tent next door going at it every half hour.

I know exactly where you are before you say anything. You’re at a Summer festival. You’ve been excited about it for weeks now, but you’ve finally realised that, besides a few euphoric hours in the evening, it’s really, really shit.

Compare this with waking up in a cosy bed, enveloped in warm Norwegian wood, grabbing a French coffee and looking over the alps from your balcony. Bliss.


Sunrise is actually welcomed

Now imagine that, rather than wait awkwardly sitting in the same pants you’ve worn for three days waiting for your friends to rock up, you hit the slopes.

Congrats, you’ve arrived at Transition Snow – the sister festival to equally insane Snowbombing – that took place in Avoriaz back in December.

Avoriaz is beaut. Located on the snow-capped French/Swiss border it’s one of the best places to find the freshest pow. Adjoining the resort of Morzine there’s hundreds of miles of skiing to be had and with it’s position on the middle of the mountain it’s perfect for ski-in ski-out living – you can even grab a cheeky shower before aprés.


If the skiing isn’t enough, you can watch legit snowball fights where people dress up like American footballers and take it all a little too seriously, watch freestyle events or even enjoy a meal on the snow.

You can get litre-sized beers in the bars and cafés, hot chocolate with shots or bottles of champagne if you’re that way inclined – much more appealing than a warm Fosters sat on a shitty camping stall.

But that wasn’t all offered by the folks at Transition: As the bright white of the day rumbled in to the night, there was plenty to sink your teeth in to.

Aprés is always sick but with the added propelling of the festival, the Avoriaz aprés scene was hyper-charged.

Whether it was a pool party with Ben Pearce at the decks or one of many on-slope venues hosted by the likes of Black Butter Records, you were guaranteed a vibesy few hours to ease you in to the evening.



Once you dried off and showered following your wet or sweaty aprés it was time to hit the main event.

Day one treated us to headliner Dizzee Rascal, supported by the boys from Kurupt FM on a spectacular Main Stage in the middle of the resort. Dizzee was appropriately bonkers and made you remember just how many bangers he’s dropped over the years.


Unlike a Summer festival where you pretend to love the likes of The Who and The Prodigy but only know their songs because, infuriatingly, your Dad doesn’t stop singing them in the car, Transition features DJs you actually listen to on a night out.

Bondax, Huxley, DJ Barely Legal, Ben Pearce, Get Low, Black Butter Records, the kind of people that actually perform in cities UK-wide and understand what we like, not our Granddads.

OK, Kanye was probably busy, but you get to see these huge DJs in intimate venues and, with Avoriaz being as small as it is, you might just find yourself nonchalantly sipping a Kronenburg with them at the bar.

All in all, the accommodation was stunning, the skiing was perfect, and the DJs were sick. Loughbrough and Lancaster Snow societies decided to hit it up in 2015 and after the success of it’s debut there’s little doubt many more unis will be joining them in 2016.