Loughborough is the most popular uni for next year’s freshers

It’s 60 per cent boys

Perhaps the only university still selling fish bowls, Loughborough is the most popular uni for next year’s freshers.

It has been revealed by whatuni.com that Loughborough have won the award of most popular uni for incoming freshers out of over 8,100 students submitting their choices through the website’s “Final 5 tool”.

Members of the sports teams on a night out

Members of the sports teams on a night out

Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement at Loughborough University, was thrilled with this accolade.

She said: “This has been a brilliant year for Loughborough. We’ve seen our league table positions climb and a number of awards that we have won this year, including the WUSCAS, have helped put us in the spotlight. Our focus on student-focused marketing is creative, authentic and partnership led and that really resonates with potential students.

“The Loughborough community is amazing. The energy and commitment of our staff and students, together with our unique partnership with the Students’ Union, is at the heart of everything we do and we are absolutely delighted to rank so highly in the ‘Final 5’.”

The university – where 60 per cent of students are boys – boasts alumni across a large range of sports, such as Paula Radcliffe, Sir Clive Woodward and Monty Panesar, it’s best known for it’s talented sport teams, award winning tropical fish tank and for housing the world’s largest bell.

However, the testosterone filled university seems an odd first choice for prospective students, with other universities possibly offering better academic choices.

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Loughborough student, Loya Mosanya said: “Let’s face it, Loughborough is pretty shit unless you play sport.”

Nottingham and Manchester were both within the top 75 of universities with the best graduate prospects in the world, coming in 63rd and 25th respectively, with Loughborough nowhere to be seen from the top 150 UK universities in the list.

The sports university has beat the likes of Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham university at the top of the podium of bragging rights, although the latter trio can boast having a female to male ratio of over 53 per cent.

Nottingham was selected as the most popular second choice in the UCAS applications, also topping the polls for third, fourth and fifth choices. Unsurprisingly, as it was once famed for its 3:1 female to male ratio.