I matched with the CEO of Tinder and he deleted me

He wasn’t very talkative

Tinder is full of 40-year-old men, girls obsessed with cats and boring bios.

But when Edith Hancock used the app last week, she matched with the CEO and Chief Executive using his own app.

The 23-year-old got a match with Tinder boss Sean Rad, and knew it was him from the blue tick on his profile.

The Sheffield grad quickly messaged the Tinder CEO, but then he unmatched her straight away.

Writing in City AM, Edith said: “Rad himself was not only in London and active on Tinder all evening, but had swiped right for me.

“Alas, it was never meant to be. (The message) sank like a lead balloon and prompted a speedy un-match from the chief exec.”


This is how you get matches

Sean Rad was in London over the weekend after going to a web summit in Dublin, but it doesn’t look like he was looking for love on his own app.

In her message to the Tinder boss,  City AM Diarist Edith wrote: “Well this is lucky for me, I work for a financial newspaper”.

But sadly, he didn’t want to talk business and unmatched her just minutes later.

The Tinder boss was hardly going undercover on the site, pictured in a Tinder-branded cap with his job title in the bio.

He was spotted using his own app last Saturday night while in the capital.


Edith was unmatched after she confessed to being a financial journalist

Tinder first introduced verified accounts last year, so you can know if you’re swiping on a celebrity.

Ed Sheeran was apparently the first person to be approached about getting a blue tick, but turned it down.

At the time Sean Rad, said: “This will allow celebrities to enter Tinder in a different way.”

But nobody realised he was just talking about himself.