Apprentice’s Sam Curry at Cambridge: ‘I’m only here because my dad is rich’

Probably doesn’t need that £250,000 investment

23-year-old Apprentice candidate Sam Curry “has always worked for himself and cites this as his biggest business achievement to date,” according to the show’s website.

Private tutoring is his day job and the show’s favourite names Richard Branson is his professional inspiration.

Just another self-made capitalist in desperate need of Sir Alan Sugar’s £250k then.

Not according to a dealmaker in the City who emailed us this morning, and remembers Curry from their time at Jesus College, Cambridge.

Apparently at a college “bop” – the Cambridge equivalent of a school disco – at the start of the academic year, Curry tearfully checked his privilege in front of dozens of fellow students.

“It was a fancy dress party and at the end of the night he was crying. Someone asked what was up and he said ‘I’m only here because my dad is rich’. Everyone was a bit perplexed. Then someone carried him to his room.”

Sam Curry enjoying his time at Cambridge

Sam Curry enjoying his time at Cambridge

Sam attended the prestigious £5,770 a term Latymer Upper School in West London, and while his dad reportedly funded his way through uni, the Apprentice star’s mum is a property buying agent.

It doesn’t sound like Curry spent his youth selling car aerials out of the back of a van, so let’s hope Sir Alan doesn’t get wind of it.

He might think Curry is only on the show for the Insta-followers.

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