Young Tory who was egged by protesters is a second year at Manchester

He was waving a picture of Margaret Thatcher

A dapper Tory who was egged by protesters at the Conservative Party conference is a second year at Manchester.

Colm Lock was pelted with an egg as he waved a photo of Margaret Thatcher on the front page of The Telegraph.

The Ancient History second year was speaking to the press when he was hit right in the forehead.

A student Tory who was also at the conference described Colm as “genuinely lovely”.

He told The Tab: “I was unscathed, but poor Colm got it to the forehead.

“We just got a few collateral splatterings at us.”

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The Tory friend claims Colm wasn’t pushing the photo Margaret Thatcher in anyone’s faces, but was carrying yesterday’s Telegraph under his arm.

He added: “We have no idea who did it. There was a man ironically waving an anarchist flag while chanting for more government who blocked our view.

“He wasn’t injured, but it was a highly charged situation.

“There were a few behind us who pursued until the police intervened. Nothing dangerous, just abuse.

“Colm walked off to get cleaned up. He certainly wasn’t running.

“My tweed was buffed out after a brief towelling.

“I am under orders not to say more.”

A video below shows Colm being egged.

Watch from 2:30 onwards to see the incident.

Colm is a member of the New Forest Conservative Future and is also a second year at Manchester.

Back in May he ran for the Conservative Party in the council elections for Chorlton in Manchester, but came in fourth place with just 600 votes.

Ignoring official party advice to keep a low profile, Colm was wearing a dark suit with a tie, and union flag pocket handkerchief.

He also had a Conservative conference lanyard around his neck, marking him out as member.

Happier times, Colm before the incident

Happier times, Colm before the incident

Party bosses warned activists ahead of the annual gathering not to wear suits or display conference passes outside the party for fear of angry protesters.

Conservative chairman Lord Feldman said it was “particularly important” this year for Tories not to identify themselves to the general public in Manchester.

Yesterday tens of thousands of protesters marched in an anti-austerity demonstration outside the Conservative Conference.