Facebook will allow you to check who has seen your event invite

No one cares about your birthday

A shaming new development on Facebook will reveal how many of your friends don’t care about your event.

Having launched their dislike button this week, Facebook plan on adding read receipts so you can see who’s seen event invites.

The new tool is designed to give you the ability to plan your party better and now hosts will be able to see who isn’t bothered about their birthday party.

A Facebook spokesperson told the Daily Dot: “We’re piloting the ability for private event hosts and guests to know whether their friends they invited have seen the event.”

And the feature cannot even be disabled and you can’t opt out, so if you don’t respond immediately your friends will think you hate them.

Read receipts are a standard feature on WhatsApp and Facebook’s messenger service. WhatsApp even introduced blue ticks so you could tell when you’re message had been delivered and when it had been read.

If this development is successful, Facebook could even introduce read receipts for friend requests.

On the dislike button, Zuckerberg said: What they really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”