Your fares are about to become three times more expensive on Virgin trains

That 16-25 railcard means nothing

Virgin trains are scrapping lower fares for railcard holders travelling at peak times. 

Virgin this week announced their plans to scrap off-peak prices for anyone travelling at peak time with a railcard, meaning your tickets are about to TREBLE in price.

The plans are expected to hit anyone travelling with a 16-25 Young Person’s Railcard the hardest, but will also affect pensioners and disabled travellers.

The new prices will come into effect just in time for freshers, with and off-peak ban from Sunday 6th September onwards.

It’s about to cost three times more on your railcard

Virgin trains says it will still allow the third off savings for 16-25 railcards during rush-hour, but not regularly use it at peak times.

It’s a u-turn from their decision in December 2011 to be the only train company to allow railcard holders to pay off-peak fares at peak times.

The new measures could see trains between Manchester and London cost hundreds more for students travelling to and from uni.

Now Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell has written to Virgin demanding an “urgent” review of the decision.

Powell said: “I was very disappointed to hear that Virgin plan to restrict the concessions available for railcard holders.

“These changes will lead to huge increases in fares for the customers the railcard system should be supporting – and when train fares are already so high, could be the difference in deciding whether a commute or a trip is possible.”

One incensed 16-25 railcard holder has even created an online petition to convince Richard Branson to go back on his plans, which has so far gained over 3,000 signatures.

Georgia May started her petition to stop the ‘ridiculous railcard fare rises’

A Virgin spokesperson said: “From 6th September rail card holders will no longer be able to buy off peak tickets for use on our peak services.

“Customers can still use their rail card discount on peak time fares and there are many deals available, especially with some planning and flexibility. This brings us in line with the rest of the industry.

“Customers who book tickets before 6th September can still travel using the double discount after the new rules come in.”