What the way you put your bra on says about you

Hook at the back? Or at the front and spin it around?

Hooking your bra at the back means you’re more submissive. 

But if you put it on at the front and swivel it round, you’re an influencer with a good sense of humour – according to an expert.

New research has revealed that the way you put on your bra reflects the way you interact with your mates.

Patti Wood, a body language expert, told the Daily Mail the way you put on your lingerie can reveal “intimate details” about your personality.

She said: “Everything you do – and the way you do it – comes together to form a story about yourself, and there’s no reason your undergarments shouldn’t be a part of that.”

Hook at the back

If you put your arms through the loops and fasten it at the back – referred to as the “tried and true method” – you are a supporter who follows tradition. You stay true to what you have been taught and are generally submissive.

at the back

Tradition is key


Remembering your birthday

Supporters are “friendly, thoughtful and great listeners” and will “always remember your birthday”.

Patti says: “They don’t like change so you really need to talk them through any new projects or changes in old routines.”

Hook at the front and spin it around

If you clip it around your waist at the front, spin it around and slip your arms through, you are an influencer.




All the hooks

If you use this method, it is to ensure you always look your best because you’ll be sure you never miss a hook.

Influencers “appreciate a good sense of humor and like to be challenged” but “have a tendency to get bored easily”. A front-hooker may not always follow through with what they promise.



Patti also assessed other bizarre methods, like clasping your bra before sliding it over your head.

This odd technique suggests you’re cautious and like doing things from the get go.

If you’re the rare person who wears a bra that clasps at the front, you’re more commanding.