What degree grade you’re going to get, based on your A-level results

If they spell out a Jackson 5 song you’re still on track for a 2:1

If you got three As at A-level you stand a 60 per cent chance of getting a 2:1.

We’ve calculated what degree result you’re likely to get with your results from school.

And scoring A*s across the board on results day is a sure sign you’re heading for a first, while you’re more likely to get a 2:2 with Bs and Cs.

So if you got three Es or a couple of Cs you’re far more likely to leave uni with a dreaded third, according to new data.

Sexy figures from stats enthusiasts HESA show strong links between the A-levels and degree classifications of students who graduated last year.

If you ended up with an impressive three A*s or better then you’re 99 per cent certain not to get a third.

While getting AAA or AAB means you’re 57 per cent likely to get a 2:1.

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What will you get in your degree?

But aside from what grades you got, a 2:1 is still the most common degree.

This year A* and A grades went down from 26 per cent to 25.9 per cent last year.

But despite this, passes overall rose by 0.1 per cent.

What’s more, the Ucas university admissions service says 409,000 places have been confirmed which is up 3 per cent on last year.

And this means more freshers than ever are heading to a uni near you next month.

These swots are more likely to get a first than you

It’s also been a good year for the girls, as the gap between genders is not at an all time high at uni.

Just 43 per cent of new freshers will be boys, proving girls do better in their A-levels.