Do you ever give to the homeless?

‘I give them more money if they have a dog’

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An incredible fresher bagged a place at Cambridge University after he was left homeless following a fall-out with his family.

22-year-old Jacob Lewis grafted hard, seeing education as his way out and even achieved 100 per cent in his History and Law A-levels. But would you have given him any change if you walked past him –– or any other homeless person –– on the street?

Kelly, 21, English and Media at London Southbank


“I do give to the homeless, but there are so many sometimes I just don’t have enough change. I also worry they’re lying about what they’ll spend the money on and one time I gave a guy a quid and he told me to fuck off.”

Jed, 26, bartender


“I give to most, but when you’ve seen the same person again and again with a different story each time, that annoys me. I tend to give them more money if they have a dog. I love dogs.”

Brix, 25, lemonade seller


“I don’t give money to every homeless person I see because you get asked too much, so you can’t help them all. But I do try to give them some money when I can.”

Vanessa, 27, dancer


“I always try to give to the homeless. I’m always more inclined to if they’ve got a cool sign or a story to tell.”

Stefan, 27, film maker


“I do give money to the homeless but not all the time because I usually only have my card on me. I’m more inclined to give to homeless people if I feel like they’re making an effort for positive change, and I prefer to buy them food rather than just give them money.”

Laura, 25, Law at University of Copenhagen


“In Denmark we have a homeless newspaper which I always buy, and if I see people on the street and I have money on me I’ll always give them some.”

Lejla, 25, Lawyer


“I don’t usually have change but I always give it when I do because they’re less fortunate.”

Eben, 25, photographer


“I do give money because they need it to get into hostels, just a couple of pounds can really help them out. Sometimes I offer to buy them food but I’m happy to just give them the money.”