The freshers are coming: Best clubbers from A-level results night

You went hard

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The most life-defining moment to date has just happened to you. Whether you were drinking Dommy P from the bottle, or vodka without the mixer, you all got absolutely wasted. It’s revision for freshers.

Happiest they got into uni

Most shocked to get into uni

Best moves

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Best pointers

Did you get into uni?

Best pull

Finest hour

Best Couples

Will it last through uni though


Biggest rejections

Most bevved

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Stunners of the night

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Cover girls

Best bone structure

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Fiercest pouts

You don’t want to spill a drink on them

Most smug with their results

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Most confused clubber

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Best squad

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Sleepiest clubber

Peaked too soon

Keenest fresher

He’s probably posted on the Facebook group

Best photo-bomb

Most intense clubber

Look into my eyyyyeeessss

Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Best school disco pose


Angriest with their results

That smoulder though

Cutest clubbers


Urban Monkey (Chelsea)

Biggest playa

Best celebrator

UCAS is bae

Photo credits:

Scott Main – Prysm Brighton

Ambient Vista Photography – Prysm Bristol

Christian Lawson – Halo