Meet the gingers behind the UK redhead appreciation day

It will include an award ceremony for ginger singers

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During all the festivities in London this summer, it’s easy to overlook the needs of the UK’s sun-shy redhead population.

However that won’t be the case at Redhead Day UK – an event that plans to “celebrate all things ‘ginger’.”


Ginger nuts from all over the country will flock to the capital for the day, which includes redhead-specific gift cards and pop-up shops.

There will also be the world’s first MOGOs, or “Music Of Ginger Origin” awards ceremony.

When we asked her about the motivation behind RHDUK, event organiser Jess Shailes said: “We thought it was ridiculous that the UK didn’t have one already.”

“The UK has the highest percentage of redheads in the world – apart from one place in Russia – so we knew that the interest was here.

“There’s only so much you can do online – when you actually get together it feels good. It’s just a positive thing.”

The event originally began in Manchester, but organisers have decided to capitalise on the estimated 100,000 gingers in London and the surrounding areas.

The SPF-50 won’t be needed though, as the capital’s “warmer weather and sunnier days” mean the event will be held “mainly indoors.”


The day itself will involve singers, magicians, artists and comedians who Jess says will “showcase some of the talents of performing artists who have red hair.”

Although sponsors such as Australian ginger ale brand Gingerella are already on board, organisers still need to raise half of their £5,000 goal for the event to go ahead.

Emma Kelly, co-organiser of RHDUK and Editor of Ginger Parrot, said: “We really hope that both adults and kids have a great time at Redhead Day UK and feel empowered by their red hair.

“It’s about time the world realised how awesome ginger hair is.”

If you wish to help RHDUK reach their target, you can see their fundraising page here.