Our rent is funding ‘Islamist extremist groups’

Some want to ‘purify the land of Islam from filth of occupation’

Rent payments on student flats and houses are funding “the mothership of all Islamist extremist groups”, an investigation has discovered. 

Tenants of at least 47 flats near Leeds University are completely unaware they’re supporting the Muslim Brotherhood – whose founder wants to “impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is banned as a terrorist organisation in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates but not in Britain.

The Times found 16 of the 78 flats at Samara Plaza accommodation in Leeds are providing regular income streams for causes favoured by the founders of political Islam.

What’s more, a further 31 properties in the student area of Hyde Park in Leeds have been linked to the network.

The investigation also found houses on Woodhouse Street, Woodsley Road and even Clarendon Road – right next to Leeds University.

Some houses on Clarendon Road are funding their work

There is nothing to suggest the pictured houses are funding the Muslim Brotherhood

Money is going through the Europe Trust, which has property assets worth more than £8.5million and sends rental income to an unofficial network of Brotherhood-linked organisations.

This means we’re accidentally funding Islamist projects just by paying rent.

It’s executive director is Ahmed al-Rawi, former president of the Muslim Association of Britain, who has described Israel as a “killing machine” led by “Zionist war criminals”.

Back in 2004 he joined leaders of groups Hamas and Hezbollah in demanding action to “purify the land of Islam from filth of occupation”.

Samara Plaza

16 of the properties are in Samara Plaza

Other trustees include a Jordanian-Palestinian imam who was jailed in 2001 after police found evidence of female genital mutilation operating from his mosque.

The ex-head of the Islamic Society of Germany who was sentenced to death in Egypt last month for his part in a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy is also a trustee.

Europe Trust claims to be an independent charity and its website gives no hint to its agenda and how it uses our money – but annual reports describe its goal as “the advancement of the Islamic religion”.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood protesting in Egypt

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood protesting in Egypt

Steven Merley, an American intelligence specialist who has investigated the Muslim Brotherhood for over 10 years said: “Brotherhood-affiliated organisations in Europe have traditionally been heavily dependent on funding from Gulf sources.

“The money supply once seemed unlimited, but that’s changing and they needed to find a way to insulate themselves from potential funding problems in the future.

“To meet Islamic requirements they can’t get involved with interest-bearing assets, but property is seen as an Islamically compliant vehicle for building wealth.

“Britain is central to the Brotherhood’s European activities and Europe Trust’s role is significant.”

A spokeswoman for the Charity Commission said the Europe trust would be assessed “to establish whether it gives rise to regulatory concern”. No formal investigation has been launched.

Downing Street wouldn’t comment on speculation their Brotherhood review recommends investigation of charities which effectively operate as “fronts” for the global movement.