Ditch your grim accommodation, you can now live in a strange lil tiny house instead

They’re really wee


The “tiny house” movement, where people live in minuscule, made for one, mobile homes, has been huge in the US for years, and is gaining traction in the UK.

Now a UK based company, Tiny House UK, has brought the teeny dream to your doorstep and promises to build made to measure mobile dream homes you can take to uni, which will beat the price of your current accommodation.

Interior of the lil houses, from Tiny House UK

The adorable lil houses, which measure at only around 135 square feet, can run either “connected” to a main house nearby for the use of water, electricity and heating, or “off grid”. Off grid houses have to rely on solar or wind turbines to generate electricity, and can collect rainwater for water and burn logs for heat.

Courtesy of Tiny House UK

Mark Burton started the company around four years ago after falling in love with tiny houses in America. Mark, who says the movement is “gradually catching on” explained he aimed the company towards students when he saw them being ripped off by landlords.

The houses are just 135sq feet, from Tiny House UK

A bed is built into the roof, from Tiny House UK

He says: “I saw the raw deal students were getting for accommodation. These are the people who will be running the country in the future and we’re not looking after them.

“And it’s virtually impossible to get on the property ladder without rich parents.”

Mark’s website estimates that students start graduate life with around £30-50k worth of date, of which he reckons an insane 70-80 per cent is spent on accommodation. The specially hand-built tiny houses cut just underneath this, costing £25,000 each to buy.

Mark says you can pitch the house near uni, from Tiny House UK

From Tiny House UK

The houses claim to sleep up to six teenagers and promise they’re “like a loft conversion at a fraction of the cost”.

Mark said: “It’s in very early stages at the minute, but the dream is to have a tiny house village, where students could pitch their houses and live on the land for the full three years of their course. Then when they graduate they could either take the house with them or sell it. So they’d finish university with money in their pockets.”

The dream village, from Tiny House UK

So far just two lucky students in the UK get to live in these tiny lil houses, but Mark says the buyers are highly secretive and protective of their fairytale accommodation.

“The two I’ve sold to so far have their houses on unofficial land, so they’re keeping it very under the radar.”