Teenage twin models given ASBOs for tormenting village with wild parties

‘These girls will probably end up on Big Brother rather than getting the punishment they deserve’

Teenage twin models have been slapped with ASBOs after tormenting their neighbours with late night raves and foul language for seven years.

Hellraisers Tiffany and Taliah Sanderson, 19, of Stockport, were handed an interim behaviour order after complaints from their exhausted neighbourhood.

In one night, police were called after a resident claimed the nightmare twins –– who dropped out of Stockport College –– and two friends were heard up-ending wheelie bins at 5am.

Taliah and Tiffany

Taliah and Tiffany Sanderson, 19, have been handed ASBOs for wild parties

The troublemaking pair, both models for a top Manchester agency, were ordered by Stockport magistrates not to “generate any music or loud noise including shouting or screaming” between 8pm and 8am at their mum’s £400,000 four bedroom semi.

Now the girls must not use abusive, insulting, offensive, threatening or intimidating languages to neighbours –– and they can’t behave in any way which causes harassment, alarm or distress in the area.

Their ASBOs were imposed after neighbours living close to their family home on Windlehurst Road repeatedly complained to police about the twins’ loud behaviour.

Council officers also compiled a dossier on the girls after a neighbour made a list of complaints about them.

Tiffany 1

Council officers compiled a dossier on Tiffany and her sister

The Sanderson sisters, who used to study Beauty and Make-up Media have since moved from their family home to a flat on Stockport Road.

But it has now emerged they also have been causing problems there.

Denise Edwards, who works in a nearby newsagents, said: “They’ve been here since about April.

“I believe they’re moving out in three weeks because somebody has already put a complaint in.

“Their language is atrocious and the music is very loud. Luckily I go to sleep early but if I heard that music they would know about it.

“The neighbour on the other side says she can’t get to sleep. There’s usually those two, a Scottish girl and a couple of lads.

“There are always comings and goings, but always in the night. You don’t hear from them in the daytime.”

Taliah 3

Taliah used to study Beauty and Make-up Media and is now a model

Another nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’ve heard about parties.

“They’re becoming quite well known around here and they haven’t been here long.”

It comes after one disgruntled former neighbour, who also wanted to remain nameless, claimed the twins were more likely to appear on Big Brother than be properly punished.

They said: “I have a three-year-old and seven-year-old and these twin sisters have used bad language at all hours of the day and night. I obviously don’t want my kids hearing it.

“They were also coming in at all hours of the night. The police have been called out on numerous occasions and their records will show that the girls have been going in and out late at night for many years.

“Now that the house is up for sale, I hope that it will come to an end.

“Unfortunately, in the crazy world we live in now, these girls will probably end up on Big Brother rather than getting the punishment they deserve.”

Tiffany is employed by Boss Model in Manchester

Tiff and Tal

‘Unfortunately, in the crazy world we live in now, these girls will probably end up on Big Brother’

Tiffany and Taliah’s mum, who refused to be named, told the Mail: “They don’t live here anymore. They won’t want to say anything.

“It’s all false allegations. That’s all I want to say. We know who has complained.”

Neighbour Roger Wilkson, 51, a company director, added: “Their garden backs on to ours and we’ve never heard any loud noises or parties.

“I don’t know where the stuff about loud music comes from. It seems there is a serial complainer who has been complaining about them.”

Tiff 4

Some neighbours say they don’t know where the noise comes from

The neighbour who is thought to have complained about the girls added: “It’s an ongoing court case, I will comment when it’s finished.

“That will be in August. I don’t want to comment while it’s ongoing.

“This is a nice quiet area. Apparently it’s the quietest in the Greater Manchester police area.

“You wouldn’t expect what’s happened, would you? We have young kids here. Would anybody want that?”

Tiff 5

‘This is a nice quiet area. You wouldn’t expect what’s happened, would you?’

Inspector Jim Lockett, from Stockport East neighbourhood police, explained his officers had been called to the address in the early hours for incidents often involving loud music.

He said: “There is some kind of neighbour dispute between twin sisters at one address and a person at another.

“Staff have been made aware that there have been incidents at the location and we may be called there again.

“If we are and there is an anti-social behaviour order in place we would be looking at making arrests.”

Taliah 2

‘It seems there is a serial complainer who has been complaining about them’

A council spokesman said: “After a number of complaints of anti-social behaviour, we took legal action against Tiffany and Taliah Sanderson.

“This interim ASBO bans them from harassing people, including using insulting, offensive or threatening language.

“We are very pleased it has been awarded. Their victims have suffered from their actions and we want to see that end.”