Ranked: Your grad job salary against everyone else’s

No surprises for investment bankers

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Everything you imagined about filthy city paychecks is true as new stats reveal the average starting salary for each grad job going.

Investment banking tops the list as the best paid field of work after uni –– laughing grads can expect to pocket an average salary of £45,000.

Those going into law can expect to snap up the next highest salary at £40,000, followed by banking and finance at £36,500 and oil and energy at £32,500.

Check out where your new job ranks below.

The worst paid grad jobs are in retail and the public sector, which can earn you just over £20,000.

Compare that to a £30,000 national average for a grad job starting salary, which rose from last year’s £29,500.

Job market experts at High Fliers Research released the latest figures on grad positions, ranking the tastiest salaries by sector.

Their data gurus also say at least a quarter of top grad programmes pay new recruits over £35,000.

For advice on how to score a grad job, we can tell you it takes an average of three and a half months to land work after leaving uni.

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