One in ten cheated in exams using crafty new technology

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One in ten students cheated on their exams this year –– and they used sneaky technology to get away with it.

A new report found 11 per cent cheated in the most recent set of exams, using devious methods like UV light pens, invisible ink notes and concealed earpieces linked to phones playing recorded information.

Some even admitted developing codes to signal answers to questions in multiple-choice exams, using techniques like coughing, hair flicking and chair scraping.

Get with the times: now cheaters use modern methods like hidden earphones

Get with the times: now cheaters use modern methods like hidden earphones

Old school methods like smuggling in written notes and scribbling hints on body parts remain popular but cunning new cheating techniques have sprung up, according to a report published by The Student Room.

A survey of 1000 students also ranked each region based on how likely they are to cheat: Ireland and Yorkshire rank the highest with 50 per cent, followed by East of England at 49 and Scotland at 47.

The most honest areas were Wales at 19 per cent, the North West at 30 and West Midlands at 33.

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Cheating is most widespread in Science subjects, where 73 per cent claim to have cheated, and in Maths with 62 per cent.

Community Director Jack Wallington explained cheating also affects those around you, who get distracted and bothered by your sly techniques.

He said: “Cheating is seen as a big area of concern by a lot of students, and this can only add to the exam stress they experience, which we know from our own research is on the increase.

“We would like to see a wide review of the most effective ways of reducing the practice.”

Last year, bungling invigilators at Plymouth put up a “no cheating” poster showing a hand covered in algebra –– which provided the equations needed to answer a Maths paper.

One lucky student claimed they were able to score an extra 10 per cent on their exam, before red-faced uni chiefs removed the posters.

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