Girls tell more lies than boys

It’s true

Four out of five girls tell lies on a daily basis and some girls fib as many as 30 times a day. 

Compare that to the two of five boys who lie daily, according to a study.

A new survey says some devious girls fib twice every hour – mostly to shy away from telling the turn to avoid hurting people’s feelings.

The main reason they lied was to make someone feel better or not to get into trouble, according to the results of a poll by drab insurance company Privilege.


They found the most common fibs were saying you enjoyed your friend’s cooking, about how much you weigh and how much you have in the bank.

Around 80 per cent said they only lied when it would not seriously hurt someone – but one in ten said one of their small fibs ended up hurting someone they were close to.

Researchers revealed the most popular place to lie was “at home”, followed by at work, in job interviews, online and in CVs.

Young people also lie less than their parents as 46-years-old was the average age of people who admitted fibbing their little socks off.

The survey also flagged up the devious residents of Plymouth, Cardiff and Brighton as the most dishonest cities.

Southampton was the most honest place, followed by Sheffield and Norwich.

Privilege boss Dam Simson said: “Encouragingly, this has shown us that even though we can be guilty of telling the odd porky, on the whole, Brits are likely to tell the truth when it matters.”

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