Art History, Business and English are the druggiest subjects

Dentistry, Education and Medicine are the least

Wide-eyed art historians are more into drugs than any other subject, according to the results of our new survey. 

We quizzed 8000 students in our recent narco-poll and found History of Art to be the subject which had experimented with drugs above all others, as 79 per cent of them have dabbled before.

Regular Art students followed at 78 per cent, with Business and English at 76.

The least druggy subjects are Biology and Medicine at 60 per cent, Education at 57 per cent and loser Dentistry at 45 per cent.

The national average for having tried drugs is 70 per cent.

Drug subjects

This comes just after we revealed the drug capitals of the UK: sweating powder fiends at Manchester win the crown for MDMA, cocaine and ketamine.

Stoner layabouts at Bristol are the number one for weed and NOS, while Sussex is the home of LSD, mushrooms and mephedrone.

The druggiest unis are Manchester, where 85 per cent of students admitted trying drugs before, followed by Leeds at 82 and Exeter at 80 per cent.