‘Don’t do goldrush, you might get an STI’ warns expert

He’s branded it ‘toxic’

Strangers everywhere are about to start coupling up and sneaking off into the darkest corners of campuses to exchange dirty deeds.

This is goldrush – your last chance to convert all your friend zones into shags.

But it’s not all candles and rose petals according to one expert. David Evans has branded goldrush “toxic” and is warning all bed hoppers about the risk of “STI’s”

David Evans, sexual health expert and advisor from the Health Behaviour Group, warned us that students have a significantly heightened level of risk in contracting an STI during the goldrush: “The usual warnings apply, the greater number of sexual partners a person may have creates a greater chance of the individual contracting an infection.”

David added: “The other thing which increases the risk is if it’s linked with alcohol because people generally take more risks and are less careful about what they do when they’re intoxicated. This environment can become hazardous. You are more likely to have unprotected sex when intoxicated.




“You also have the mindset where you feel it’s your one last fling before you finish the summer term and go home, so it can be quite a toxic time. The change in human behaviours means that university campuses are risking widespread infection.”

So next time you find yourself necking an absolute 9 (or a 3, this is a time of desperation after all) just make sure you stop by the johnnie machine in the loos before you nip behind the bike sheds.