Revealed: Which unis slap out the most thirds

Third is the word


It’s exam season. Stress levels are high and there’s only one thought on everybody’s’ mind.

Please don’t let me get a third.

New data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveals which unis are dishing out the most King Richards (that’s a third).

Dishing out the most degrees you’d ashamed to hang on your wall are Wolverhampton, University College Birmingham and the University of East London.

If you want top honours, it may also be risky to go to Lincoln, Aberystwyth or Queen Mary, who gave out an above average number of thirds last year.

With only one per cent receiving a dunce grade, champions Oxford, UCL, Edinburgh and Imperial are either marking way too generously or they’re injecting enough fear to make their students revise properly.

Here’s the good news. The UK average for picking up a third is only 5 per cent, so clearly we’re all brighter than we look.

But poor Wales came out as the country with the dumbest students, with six per cent at Welsh universities getting a third, compared to Scotland’s two per cent.

Five per cent of all English and two per cent of Scottish degrees are thirds — the UK average is also five.

How many thirds does your uni slap down