How to chug a beer really fast

‘Hold your head straight and throw it down your neck’

Chopping a beer is one of the best party tricks in the arsenal of any aspiring legend.

Along with casual misogyny, an extensive collection of chinos and a dash of entitlement complex, the ability to neck 568ml of fermented barley is essential if you want to make it in the big bad world of British laddery.

But how do you actually do it?

The fastest bolter on the planet is retired Peter Dowdeswell, who can chop a pint in 0.45 seconds.

He also holds the record for fastest upside down pint

He also holds the record for fastest upside down pint

Peter, 74, from Northampton, spent over 30 years breaking records and holds a truly diverse portfolio of achievements, including being able to eat 148 prunes in a minute.

He downs a pint in under half a second, a litre of beer 1.30 secs and 90 pints in three hours.

Hero Peter also holds the world record for the most world records, with 106.

Peter has been downing since the 70s

Peter has been downing since the 70s

For pint-downing Pete, the type of bev is more important than the brand. He said: “It has to be bitter, lager’s far too gassy to get down.

“But I don’t really have a favourite beer, aside from speed drinking, I’m teetotal.”

Once you have chosen your preferred ale, according to Peter it’s all a case of mind over matter: “You just have to go for it. The first time I did anything like this, I was in my village pub.

“I turned up, downed a yard of ale and broke the world record, so you can’t think about it too much.

The glass that the beer’s in is also of critical importance, Peter recommends a dimple pint glass as the beer “just flows a lot better than a normal straight one.”

In Pete’s eyes it’s better to keep your head straight and “throw the pint down your neck” keeping both hands firmly on the glass and your mind focused on the drink and feet shoulder width apart.

Despite being able to bolt 7 in under 17 seconds, Peter said he’s never felt the familiar post chop nausea that afflicts mere mortals: “I’ve never really felt it, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Peter has toured the globe five different times, performing his pint show in Tokyo, Moscow and the USA.

He said: “The best reaction was in Germany, they really got me over there, but I couldn’t pick a favourite location, I enjoyed every single one.”