Eating unhealthily is the reason you get PMS according to this clever doctor

No more pizza or chocolate


A know-it-all nutritionist claims to have cured PMS – by eating healthier. 

Australian Lara Biden claims that the secret to beating PMS is not your much trusted chocolate and a chick flick, but as basic as eating some brightly coloured fruit and veg.

According to her website, this is part of the bodies “pragmatic, regenerative system”.

Dr Briden, who has over 20 years experience in women’s health, although no actual medical doctors degree, says thousands of “patients” have entrusted her with their hormone stories.

lara briden

She believes that the anti inflamatory properties of fruit and vegetables keep your hormone receptors healthy to process your PMS symptoms better.

She goes as far to claim that PMS is not down to hormone levels, but your individual bodily response, which is determined by your diet. So that monthly irritability you know all too well is all your fault.

She told the Daily Mail: “When your receptors are healthy, they’re flexible, and they adapt to rising and falling hormone levels by simply dialling up and dialling down their response (depending on the level of hormone). That means no PMS.

“When your receptors are not healthy, on the other hand, they cannot adapt to changing hormones, and that leads to premenstrual symptoms.”

You'd have to cut out gluten

You’d have to cut out gluten

Briden claimed women should eat a variety of bright coloured fruit and vegetables such as kale, berries and beetroot, aswell as cutting out all of your favourite things: fried foods, sugar and gluten. 

The ‘no more PMS’ diet plan features appetising low dairy, high fibre meals and snacks such as steamed kale, salmon salad, unsweetened mueslli and rye crackers.

You can still eat chocolate, but only in small doses, but only two squares of 85 per cent cocoa dark chocolate.

Briden added: “Some researchers have dismissed PMS as a myth, but I see it another way.

“I’ve worked with thousands of PMS patients, and I’m convinced: PMS is not caused by hormones, or even by the drop in hormones (which is inevitable at the end of the menstrual cycle). Instead, PMS is caused by your individual response to that drop in hormones.”