Second rate unis have more STDs than the Russell group

Keep it clean

Diseased shaggers at Oxford Brookes have the most sexually transmitted diseases in the country. 

Almost one in five students at the Oxford poly said they had caught chlamydia – but they were unable to snare any other infections.

Only six per cent of their elite counterparts at Oxford had a nasty affliction.

On average, six per cent of respondents said they had contracted an STD at some point in their life.

Northumbria landed second place with 16 per cent while Sussex and Nottingham Trent tied in third with 12 per cent. Sussex also had the widest spread of any uni, with respondents also admitting to herpes and gonorrhea.

Cambridge were the least dirty of all the unis. Only two per cent of respondents said they’d caught an STD – which was only chlamydia.

The clap was also the most popular of sexually transmitted diseases with six per cent of students said they had it at some point.

Shockingly, seven per cent of Aberdeen said they’d had chamydia and two per cent admitted to getting herpes – but 10 per cent were unsure if they had an STD.