Received Pronunciation is the sexiest accent

How wonderful


The results from our sexiest accent poll are in: you judged the stunners who speak in Received Pronunciation as the owners of the fittest tongues in the nation. 

Privileged hotties who speak in the Queen’s English scooped over 17 per cent in the sexiest accent quiz, beating Northern Irish which scored just under 12 per cent and Geordie and Yorkshire which won just eight per cent.

Surprisingly, Estuary English only won seven per cent of the vote, coming just ahead of Indeterminate Euro Babe and Welsh, who had six per cent each.

And the absolute munters who speak with Glaswegian, Scouse, East Midlands, West Country and Birmingham only managed to scrape around three per cent of the vote.

Here’s a recap of the winning accent — over 4000 of you judged it to be the sexiest.

Received Pronunciation


As soon as the first elongated vowel escapes from between their perfect teeth, you have a complete picture of the Received Pronunciation speaker.

Raised in Oxbridge, graduated to London. Christmas in St Lucia, Easter in Zermatt, weekends in Florence. They’ll cackle about their superior life and magnificent upbringing: the one you couldn’t have. You’ll forever be outside the luxurious orgies going on in Tuscan villas as peals of privileged laughter echo off the inherited walls.

The real reason this accent is sexier than yours is because you could never hope to have it. It says “you can’t afford expensive dinners and fine wine served in oversized glasses. But I can.”