A 2:1 from Durham isn’t good enough to bag a training contract at a top law firm

First he was turned away from Balliol and now this


The legal world is in uproar after a recruiter apparently told a grad scheme hopeful his 2:1 from Durham and AAB at A-level wasn’t good enough for her firm — before revealing she was battered.

The aspiring lawyer and presumed Oxbridge reject had just completed the Legal Practice Course when he rang the offices of London firm Trowers & Hamlins in search of a training contract.

The Durham grad was put through to a staff member covering for the grad recruitment boss away on holiday, who discouraged him from applying, suggesting his 2:1 and AAB A-levels weren’t good enough for the company, before telling him she was hammered.


Speaking to legal blog RollOnFriday, the hapless grad said: “I had the strangest conversation where she told me it probably wasn’t worth me applying (apparently AAB and a 2:1 from Durham doesn’t cut it) and the call ended with her saying ‘sorry, I’m a bit drunk’.”

Now Law students must be guffawing into their long wigs as Trowers & Hamlins scooped the top gong for the 2015 Golden Turd award given to rubbish firms.

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