Is this the best degree ever? Staffordshire offering theme park course at Alton Towers

Rubber dinghy rapids bro

You might think your degree in Sports Sciences or History of Art is quite classic but Staffordshire is offering the most uni subject everhow to run a theme park. 

Fun-loving uni bosses are going to run Visitor Attraction and Resort Management, which includes an 18 week paid work placement at Alton Towers.

Joyful students will be taught key aspects of running a successful theme park including business operations and commercial and strategic management.

Alton towers 4They will also get hands-on experience on how to operate rollercoasters and rides as well as running gift shops and food kiosks.

The 18 week stint also includes working at the famous Alton Towers Hotel where students will work towards a team leader level.

Other modules include health and safety marketing and digital communications, financial and human resource management and customer service.

The two-year £12,000 Foundation degree starts in September and has enough room for 20 successful applicants.

Alton towers 3

Wacky Prof Susan Foreman, head of Business Education and Lawthe opposite of the usual authoritarian uni deansaid: “The collaboration builds upon a strong partnership between Alton Towers Resort and Staffordshire University.

“The Resort already employs many of our students on a part-time basis and we are delighted to be working with them to develop people who will acquire a comprehensive understanding of their business and their business needs through this unique award.”

Alton towers 2

Guy Brazier, HR Director for Alton Towers Resort, added: “We’ve worked alongside Staffordshire University on a number of training and development projects in recent years, but this course is really the culmination of everything we’ve been aiming for.

“It will give those that complete it a credible background that will make them far more attractive to prospective employers and of course we are hoping it will act as a catalyst for our own workforce to support our succession strategy.”

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