Meet the student Miss World hopefuls from the UK and Ireland

Their teeth are whiter than yours

The legendary beauty contest, Miss World, is coming to the UK — and smiling student champions from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are hoping to win. 

The three girls are competing against 125 hopefuls for the crown of Miss World, which takes them on a global tour to work on charity projects and take pictures with children in them.

Meet the students battling it out for the crown.

Alice Ford, 21, Miss Wales

Wales 5

Alice is a third year at Cardiff reading Molecular Biology. She hopes to specialise in genetic disease after a Master’s and a PhD, and one day become a researcher.

She said: “It’s getting really exciting now in the competition, we just had the athletics challenges: sprints, long jump, shuttle runs, bleep test and tug of war.

“It feels amazing to have come from the regionals to the finals at Miss World. My parents are so proud.”

Wales 1

Wales 4

She added: “It’s been a whirlwind and I’m loving every second of it. It’s an experience of a lifetime and you’ll never get an opportunity like this again.

“I’ve made some great friends I’ll never forget.”

Wales 2

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite film: Twilight
Favourite drink: Soda water and lime
Favourite food: Salmon
Where do you see yourself in 30 years’ time: Working as a researcher in a lab

Wales 3

Rebekah Shirley, 19, Miss Northern Ireland

NI 4

Rebekah reads Media Studies at a college in Northern Ireland and is transferring to Northumbria next year.

She hopes to work for BBC or UTV when she graduates.

NI 3

Rebekah said: “I’m having a ball. The contest is going amazing so far, I can’t believe I’m actually here.

“My parents are so proud, they couldn’t believe it to begin with.”

NI 5

NI 1

She added: “I’ve been Miss Northern Ireland for six months and I’ve been counting my lucky stars.

“It’s been great to meet all the girls from around world and learn about different cultures.”

NI 2

Favourite colour: Red
Favourite film: The Fault in our Stars
Favourite drink: Strawberry daiquiri
Favourite food: Chinese
Where do you see yourself in 30 years’ time: Working on TV

Carina Tyrrell, 24, Miss England


Swiss-born Carina studies medicine at Cambridge and hopes to become a global health doctor.

She says on the Miss World site: “As Miss World I believe I could make a difference to those who are stricken by poverty and disease on a global scale.

“Helping the world with the crown in one hand and my stethoscope in the other is my purpose.”

Jessica Hayes, 20, Miss Ireland


Jessica comes from Cork, where she reads Business Studies. When she graduates she hopes to go into the fashion industry. Irish dancing is her speciality.


She says on her bio: “Ireland is a beautiful country known for its culture and beautiful scenery filled with traditional and whole-hearted people.”

She adds: “I believe more should be done to promote physical and mental health.

“In particular I believe that being struck by poverty and disease simply because of where you live or unfortunate circumstances is unacceptable.”

Ellie McKeating, 20, Miss Scotland

Scotland 1

Ellie is a second year at Stirling reading Media, Film and Marketing. She’s from Glasgow and her idol is Holly Willoughby.

She said: “It has been lovely meeting everyone on the contest, there are lots of people I never would have met had I stayed in Scotland.

“Trinidad and Tobago have become good friends of mine and everyone is good spirited.”

Scotland 3

Scotland 4

She added: “It was very stressful before leaving for London, there was lots of last minute packing, and thinking ‘have I got this and that?’. But in everything’s on your doorstep here in London.

“I’m so excited for the competition it’s been great so far getting involved in lots of different challenges.”

Scotland 4

Scotland 1

Favourite colour: Green
Favourite film: Ratatouille
Favourite drink: Shirley Temple
Favourite food: Mexican
Where do you see yourself in 30 years time: TV presenter, like Holly Willoughby
What problem would you most like to solve: Child poverty

Pictures courtesy of Miss World 2014.