Your uni mates aren’t your real mates, says bleak study

Nobody clicked attending on your birthday drinks, did they

Your friends at uni aren’t really proper mates and you’re actually quite lonely, according to a new study. 

Research shows we only consider someone a “close friend” after knowing them for three years – meaning your mates from freshers week won’t be true friends until you graduate.

The findings mean your old friends from home are much more important.

And you still need call them eight times and meet up twice a month for this to stick.


Apparently the formula for true friendship means everyone you tried hard to socialise with since Freshers’ Week is not really your friend  so you have no mates and now there is accredited research to back this up.

Today’s stats, rigorously compiled by One4all Gift Cards UK, reveal you only have five close friends because everyone has strict criteria for socialising.

Close friends also need to share a number of enjoyable experiences together, like holidays and parties as well as in depth knowledge about each other like first lovers and favourite food.

Cutesy BBFs also spend an average of £25 per occasion on gifts for Christmas and birthdays.