American students are offering ‘free sperm donations’ in a bid to get laid

It’s called traditional insemination and it’s free

Women seeking to get pregnant are turning to men for “natural insemination” as free sperm donors. 

Conceived as a way of bypassing expensive sperm bank fees, some women are hiring male studs for their semen.

Now meet one of the brave men having sex with loads of eager women for free – so they can get pregnant.

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Kyle Gordy is a 23-year-old American student who regularly has sex with women and helps them to realise their dreams of having children.

Talking to TV channel ABC News, he said: “I don’t do any drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t drink caffeine. I eat only sperm-friendly food: wheat, brown rice … fruit and vegetables.

“Right now I’m attending university. Both siblings are engineers. The nuclear engineer is my twin. My grandpa was a scientist.”

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Generous Kyle has a Facebook page to advertise himself as a sperm donor. On it he lists his basic stats, like brown hair and brown eyes, and his uni grades.

He also shows pictures of himself as a child to helpfully show prospective clients what their kids by him might look like.

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He says he’s not just after sex with women but also to genuinely help them have children.

Kyle added: “I’m passing on my legacy and giving these people kids.”

He’s in such demand, one of his clients, 44-year-old Serena, drove two hours to his home for sex and natural insemination.

Serena, whose identity was changed for the ABC programme, said she was unable to pay for the high fees at sperm banks, which can amount to over £600 for one vial of spunk.

She is one of many women meeting men online to find free sperm donors and natural insemination.