How private school is your uni?

It doesn’t get any more uni than this

All your suspicions about the Russell Group have been confirmed as new stats reveal how many private school kids go to your uni. 

Oxford tops the list – 42.6 per cent of all students went to private school – compared to seven per cent of the nation as a whole.

St Andrews, Bristol, Cambridge and Durham follow close behind before every uni you’d expect apart from Brookes.

The data, released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, shows perpetual losers London Met at the bottom, along with Lincoln, QUB, and Ulster – which only has a 0.1 public schoolboy percentage.

See where your uni stands in the table below.

And if that doesn’t enrage you enough, read this article which we allowed to be published last year (sorry): Why Private Schools are better.

What percentage private school is your uni

Note: The table includes the top 25, plus any university where The Tab has a site.