LIVE: a date with a Sugar Daddy

The Tab’s undercover sugar baby live tweets her first ‘date’

Last year we reported on the shocking number of students funding their degrees by dating Sugar Daddies.

Various websites exist that allow young women to trade a relationship for sums of money or gifts from rich, often older, men.

Now our very own undercover Sugar Baby is live tweeting a date with a wealthy benefactor, and security man/pundit Ryan Barrell is on hand for some expert analysis. Follow all the action LIVE today from midday.


Just go for the downtrodden look – he’ll want to give you more money.

Assuming a moniker, risky move. Will it pay off?

Understandable, this is a totally new experience. Can she clinch the date though? Let’s find out.

That’s more than a little bit weird.

Where on earth did you get that idea?

Not the first time I’ve eavesdropped on someone else’s date in a café, but this is certainly more legitimate.

Can’t blame them, some couples get off on that sort of thing.

We’re trying to be covert but it’s tricky when you’re in Marylebone and you’re not posh.

No shit Sherlock. How did you get so profound?

Not because you want to pay women to have a relationship with you?

Could there be an actual romance brewing? Only time will tell…

Oh good lord.

The salmon is lovely, but I feel like I should be drinking a Martini – shaken not stirred.

I’m starting to feel a bit creepier every minute.

Is that a veiled insult? Very rude, Daddy.

In case you couldn’t tell, our Sugar Baby is also Scottish.

What does that even mean?

True dat!

I’m more of a Carl Jung chap myself, but I see what you mean.

Sweet as you’d expect from a Sugar Daddy. Deluded as you’d expect from some bloke trawling the internet for women.

WHAT? Surely that’s like, false advertising or something?

He thinks that all the kids are tied to their mobile telephones and their walkmans and their hippity hop these days.

It’s easy to use that excuse with old people.

Try not to scare him away, he’s timid like a baby rabbit.

No wonder he’s not a millionaire, he doesn’t take care of his personal hygiene.

You bloody charmer.

HA. Next he’ll be pointing out that good things come in small packages.

As if it wasn’t already…

It’s hard to say, but it looks like he’s in his 40s, maybe early 50s.

I love it when you talk psychology to me.

Meanwhile, our Sugar Baby remains calm and collected, if a little creeped out.

Is he having an existential crisis?

Did he not offer you the last piece of biscotti?

Those eyes are filled with interest, not fear. She’s a very good actress.

You certainly are! Say hello to the readers of the UK’s biggest student newspaper, Daddy.

Almost blew my cover.

He’s a suave fucker, isn’t he?

That’s kind of obvious mate.

Strange behaviour.

Try being here mate, it’s bloody odd.

Don’t blame you, things looked like they were about to kick off.

Ouch! Baby’s got claws.

Stay tuned. If she’s not too traumatised, our Sugar Baby might have a few more dates!

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