Striptease lecturer at Leeds Met let off with a slap on the wrist

Dr Ian Lamond has been let off with a warning after stripping for 200 students in an events management lecture

The Leeds Met lecturer who stunned his class by STRIPPING to his underwear has been let off with a warning by university bosses.

Dr Ian Lamond, 51, an Events Management lecturer, made the news earlier this month after he performed a bizarre striptease in an attempt to motivate his class of 200 students.

Draping his jacket over the front desks, Dr Lamond removed his shirt and tie before swirling his trousers around his head, apparently in an attempt to teach students how to give an exciting sales pitch.

After stripping to his undies, Dr Lamond then sat and shaved in front of the class

After stripping to his undies, Dr Lamond then sat and shaved in front of the class

However, the university weren’t buying what the good doctor was selling and so, after pictures of the half-naked lecturer appeared online and in the press, the university announced they would be investigating the matter.

Leeds Met University have now released a statement, saying: “An internal investigation has taken place. The University has clarified its expectations in lecture delivery and so the matter is now closed”.

Dr Lamond refused to comment on the university’s decision, besides stating: “The university is a big institution. All communication must go through them. I am happy for my response to come through them.”

The incident, which occurred in April, produced a flurry of tweets from confused students, tweeting pictures of the 51-year-old wearing nothing but glasses, socks, and grey underpants.

“Everyone was either awkwardly laughing, screaming or speechless,” reads one tweet, while another student wrote: “I really have no clue what is going on!”

Campaign for Real Education chairman Chris McGovern criticised the Leeds Met lecturer’s unorthodox methods stating: “Lecturers should teach, not strip for students.”

“This episode brings higher education into disrepute. It illustrates an arrogant contempt for students; many of whom make sacrifices to attend university and incur considerable debt.

“Equally worrying is that Leeds Metropolitan University has recently had its standards and quality confirmed by “The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

“This means it can market itself under the QAA Quality Mark to prospective student in the UK and abroad.”