This job will tick every box on your 20s bucket list

And you won’t even have to sell a sub-prime mortgage.

aldi graduate hire job wolf of wall street

You’ll earn more money than you can spend


Most graduates, even those that get a job, are poorer than they were as a student. Not you. You’ll be on £41,000, just don’t throw it all away.


You can visit the real Ceasar’s Palace


What else are you going to do with your hard-earned pay check and 35 days of holiday?


You’ll be running a multi-million £ business


And you won’t even have broken the law. Jordan Belfort, who?


Learn another language


Even if French isn’t your thing, with stores everywhere from Munich (think of the beer) to Zurich (think of the skiing), you’ll have the chance to work on an international secondment running some of Aldi’s 9,000 stores in 18 countries.


You’ll own an incredible car


Yes, yes it is. You get the keys to a fully expensed Audi A4 the minute you start. Talk about putting you in the driving seat.


You’ll know where you’re going


After four years you know you’ll be earning nearly £70,000 (more than the elusive twice your age mark). Which is £70,000 more than your broke bloke from your course trying to be the next Mark Zuckerberg.


You’ll be your own boss


Five years of living the work hard, play hard lifestyle you’ll have the opportunity to become a Director in a company with an annual turnover of more than €50bn.


You want this job?



This year, Aldi will be hiring 200 exceptionally talented and driven graduates to be Area Managers for its stores. Find out how you can apply to be one of the chosen few.