Newcastle University brands students C*NTs

University rebrand goes very, very wrong

Re-brands often take a lot of thought and careful consideration with the worry that people simply won’t notice. However, Newcastle seem to have gone all out to make sure the public are aware of its brand ideas.

The uni has applied to trademark the Research University of Newcastle upon Tyne, – RUNT in acronym form.

cnt application

The uni applied for the trademark in July

Not that offensive? It turns out they have also applied to be the Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne as well as the Civic University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

We know a lot of students prance around with their Daddy’s credit cards, sipping on Belvedere but they’re not all CUNTs…

A Newcastle University spokesman said: ‘We have registered these new trademarks to help students who may be searching for us on the web, particularly international students. ‘They are all common variations that people may search for and they will simply help interested students find us quicker.’