Gareth Bale can buy all of UAE a cup of tea

George O’Toole’s new blog has been tracking the rise in the Welshman’s wealth..

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A bulletproof briefcase for all his Madrid teammates. A deposit for a luxury apartment in central London. A cup of PG tips for the entire population of the United Arab Emirates.

All things Gareth Bale and his left boot could’ve bought in the first two days as a Real Madrid player, according to LSE student George O’Toole, the co-creator of

The Welshman departed North London on deadline day for sunnier climes and a fatter wallet in Spain. He cost £85.4 million and is reported to be earning £300,000 a week.

That’s 56p every second, something George terms “shit crazy.”

“We (George and co-creator Jack Brittan) were walking to subway to get lunch, and realised in the time we took to get there Bale had earned enough money to pay for his own Subway. That’s when we had the idea.”

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On the day Bale signed, their site was being viewed by over 130,000 people at one point in time. It took them just half an hour to make the site.

After three days, over half a million people had visited it.

George, who studies Information Systems and Management at LSE said, “I think it’s more interesting because it’s more relatable. So it’s better when the figures are low, but 56p a second is shit crazy.”

George created the site in just over half an hour...

George created the site in just over half an hour…

“Tango tweeted us asking how many cans Bale could buy, so we did an update, and they sent us some free Tango.

“We’ve been retweeted by some huge brands like CNN and we trended for 24 hours as the no. 1 blog on MSN.”

The Arsenal fan also said it wasn’t so much about football, but just because it was interesting.

He said: “The best bit is randomers just saying to both of us ‘good job’.”