UCAS announces 3:4 Male to Female Ratio

Shark population set to thrive

It’s good news for the guys and unlucky for the ladies with women set to heavily outnumber men at universities around the country.

In 2013 for every four girls that applied to uni there were only three applications from boys.

Coming soon to a Freshers' Week near you

Coming soon to a Freshers’ Week near you

The head of UCAS, Mary Curnock Cook, described the situation as “a very serious social problem in this country.”

The proportions are even more extreme in Scotland and Wales where 40% more girls than boys have applied to university.

The impact of the added distraction on male academic performance is yet to be seen, but education experts are already worried about boys’ grades.

Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute Bahram Bekhradnia said “It seems that boys are not as motivated to work at school and the government needs to recognise that.”

This news will probably do wonders for their motivation.