Bristol medic is having Peter Andre’s baby

The pair apparently met when her dad was operating on Pete.

King of reality TV Peter Andre is having a baby with recent Bristol grad, Emily MacDonagh.

Or boy?

Or boy?

The pair have only been together a year, and met when Emily’s dad was removing Pete’s kidney stones.

The Bristol grad has just finished her medicine degree and plans to be a doctor after the birth, leaving Pete to be a stay at home dad.

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Pete was recently teasing Twitter followers with the hashtag #petersgotasecret, but he was referring to the launch of his new channel, not his baby.

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However, the site later crashed leaving Andre fans devastated.

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Sceptics have said that Emily is too young to be a mum, but the pair are “over the moon” about the pregnancy.

Before he announced the birth of his future child, Pete said: “I always wanted to have six because I’m one of six, but I reckon if I had another two I’d be happy.”

The singer-songwriter (in the loosest sense of the word) already has two kids with ex-wife Katie Price, who he met on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

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The reason their relationship works, Pete thinks, is because she was (until recently) a student.

He said, “‘It’s good to be with someone outside of the industry.”

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Em cropped Peter out of this one…awk

Ladies, there’s hope for us all yet…Congrats!