Zoo-nion goes barking mad

Petting zoo to be set up to “mentally and physically stimulate” students. lol.

Are you getting stressed over deadlines and upcoming exams?

The Exec want to help by launching a petting zoo to keep us calm over the exam period.

A herd of animals will be brought on campus on the 22nd and 23rd May, including rabbits, ducks, lizards and meerkats.

Lop Rabbit

Education Officer Josh Smith said: “I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. The ducklings and skinny pigs had better happen or I might cry.”

Ed Elliot, LUU’s Activity Officer described the event as “mentally and physically stimulating.”

Some were less positive. Natalie, a second year sociology student, said: “I feel bad for the animals, it might be calming for us but will probably be stressful for them.”


Leeds is following the recent trend of bringing animals on campus. Imperial are also getting a petting zoo, while Edinburgh took it further and brought in puppies.